Orchard Xmas Match at Bashley produced the best weights in the various Xmas matches that took place at the weekend. Doug Wright took 61 lb 8 oz of carp to 9 lb dapping bread to the far bank on the pole early before switching to pole and maggot in the closing stages to win from peg 37. John Pole finished second from peg 16 with 51 lb of small carp to the far bank on pole and maggot. Others M.Rowe 49 lb 14 oz, N.Cornwell 44 lb 4 oz and N.Fox 42 lb 12 oz.

The Dandys Ford Xmas Match on the Match Lake went to Chris Barratt with 65 lb 15 oz of carp to 5 lb on pole and pellet in open water from peg 4. Lady angler Sandy Haynes finished second with 52 lb 8 oz of carp to 5 lb on pole and prawns.

The Cormorants Xmas Match on the Lower Lake at Broadlands went to Dwayne Seed who took 46 lb of carp to 7 lb on pole and corn in the margins from peg 17. Hayden Mayers finished right behind with 45 lb 8 oz of carp to 8 lb on the pole from peg 10. Others A.Hayden 40 lb, P.Stride 32 lb 8 oz, M.Aldis 31 lb 2 oz and D.Hydes 31 lb 1 oz.

Eastleigh’s Xmas Match on Stoneham saw victory go to Steve Pomery who fished a mixture of method feeder and pole from peg 36 on the bottom Lake to land 26 lb 8 oz of bream. James Pitman finished second with 22 lb 10 oz of bream from the Top Lake on a mixture of feeder and long pole tactics. Others J.Clark 17 lb, P.White 16 lb 8 oz, S.Ware 12 lb, G.Naylor (Snows Toyota) and G.Illingworth both 11 lb.

The Whinwhistle Xmas Open was split into two with 12 anglers on Keepers and 10 anglers on Island Lake. First on Keepers Lake was Tony Gregory with 23 lb 6 oz, while Frank Littlewood won Islands with 26 lb 11 oz. James Butson won the junior section with 3 lb 1 oz. The weights were made up of silvers, bream and carp.


Steve Kitcher took The Paultons Common at a new lake record 47 lb 1 oz. from The Blackwater Syndicate on The Isle of Wight. The fish is a Fishers Pond fish and was stocked into Blackwater as a 6 summer fish at 22 lb by me and has steadily grown on over the years. Steve had the fish last year at just over 45 lb and was delighted to renew his contact with the fish. Steve turned up at the fishery in the park for a 20 hour session and after a blank night and nothing by early afternoon Steve walked around the lake and spotted 3 separate fish bubbling. Steve quickly picked his rods up and moved and within 2 minutes of casting out had a lovely scaly Simmo at 28 lb 10 oz. While re-baiting the rod he caught the fish on one of Steve’s other rods roared off and after a long battle he slipped his net under his old friend at a new lake record and personal best. He finished the session with a 22 lb 14 oz fish will all 3 fish falling in under 2 hours. All three fish fell to C.C Moores Live System hook baits that were glugged.

Rob Kitcher Steve’s brother has been in action on The Isle of Wight’s Forest Ponds and turned up for a 48 hour session to find the lake all to himself. Steve took a 19 lb 11 oz mirror almost straight away followed by a brace at 20 lb 3 oz and 12 lb 5 oz the following day. In the early hours of his final morning he took his fourth fish a nice 27 lb 11 oz mirror. The fish all fell to a snowman rig with C.C Moores Live System boilies over a new peppermint berry pop up over a scattering of freebies fished to the far margins at 30 yards. Also on The Island Kev Le’mon had Millie at 39 lb 8 oz from Rookley Park a couple of pounds down on her highest ever weight and Ed Halls took a 15 lb common. On the amazing Blackwater Syndicate Nick Endicott took a 25 lb 4 oz, Andy Liptrot a 24 lb 2 oz and Jason Clabon a superb 39 lb 8 oz.

Dave slow roller is getting stuck into Ringwood and Districts Northfield Lake with his pal Nik Sinclair. This week Dave took 3 fish to 27 lb 14 oz on Mainlines pineapple pop ups over 18 mm boilies fishing a standard hinge rig in the silt gully with just a few freebies.

Todber Manors Paddock Lake produced the Banana Linear to Chris Morris at 29 lb 8 oz, the fish a personal best for Morris was tempted to the bank by maggot. Joe Miller took 3 carp during a 30 hour session with fish of 22 lb 6 oz, 22 lb and 20 lb by Spencer Churchill took a 21 lb mirror during a day session. On Little Hayes Andy Curtis took 6 carp to 25 lb 7 oz on maggot during a day session. Over on Big Hayes Mark Burt fished a 12 hour session for 3 fish including a 26 lb 4 oz and a 20 lb, while Tim Bruno Koch took a 17 lb mirror on C.C Moores Live System. On Wadmill Matt Candy banked a 2 lb perch and pike to 10 lb.

Stuart Derby fished a 48 hour session on Hordle for 7 fish including a 22 lb 2 oz common and a 20 lb 7 oz mirror. Paul Greenacre has been making the most of his winter ticket and during the course of one week took fish including a 22 lb mirror, a 21 lb common, 2 x 20 lb commons and other commons of 18 lb, 16 lb and 15 lb. While Sean Vigar took 3 fish including a 19 lb 4 oz and a 14 lb 2 oz.