THE Avon Valley’s Winter League looks set for a grandstand finish with just one point separating the top five sides after the latest round on the Basingstoke Canal.

Tubertini Apollo won the round with 58 section points.

Sensas Oakwood finished tied with Arun on 49 points with Sensas winning on weight.

Others: Team Homestores 46, Browning 44, Drennan Bordon 43.

League to date, Drennan Bordon, Arun and Team Homestores 14 pts, Browning and Tubertini Apollo 15.

Bill Mariner (Sensas) took 18 lb 5 oz of skimmers from Glen Road on punch along with five good perch on worm.

Brett Cooper (Bordon) took 18 lb 2 oz of skimmers and perch on worm and punch for second.

The Andy Potter Series on the Match Lake at Dandys Ford saw Gareth Boycott (Romsey) won with 112 lb 8 oz of carp to 6 lb on long pole and pellet.

Dave Hydes (Cormorants) finished second with 100 lb 8 oz of carp on pole and corn.

Others: P.Barnard 77 lb 12 oz and M.Richardson 50 lb 10 oz.

Camrose A.C’s match on the Match Lake at Dandys Ford went to Doug Brown. He took 95 lb 8 oz of carp on pole and pellet with Pete Howes second with 76 lb 8 oz on pole and meat.

Others: P.Seeny 45 lb 8 oz, B.Williams 44 lb.

The Silvers League Match on Lodge Lake at Dandys Ford went to Reids Tackles proprietor Dave Moody.

He took 18 lb 13 oz of perch, roach and tench on pole and caster to win from Graham Houghton with 14 lb 10 oz of roach and skimmers and tench on pole and caster. Others: R.Wallace 10 lb 2 oz, S.Franks 9 lb 14 oz.

Terry McCann won Orchard’s club match on the Main Lake at Orchard. He landed 93 lb of carp on pole and soft pellet from peg 2 with carp to 6 lb.

John Pole finished second with 20 lb of silvers plus carp for 69 lb 8 oz from peg 15 on pole and maggot.

Others: D.Faletto 66 lb 4 oz, C.Albiston 57 lb 4 oz, M.Funnel 51 lb 6 oz.