DAN Ford started a good week at Broadlands Lakes on peg 1 and banked a 21lb common.

He saw some fish showing in slingers so moved into there and hauled in six fish to 23lb using shoreline baits.

S Cox fished peg 7 and ended up with two carp to 17lb 8oz.

N Jenkins looked around the lake and saw some carp showing in peg 22. Moving into there he quickly got them feeding on Mainline Cell and ended up with a 10lb mirror and a dark 19lb common.

Ian Palmer fished down carp alley in peg 36 and used BM baits RST on hair rigs to catch himself two hard-fighting mirror carp weighing 17lb and 20lb.

Ross Marsh fished in peg 89 using the nutcracker pop ups on chod rigs to catch a 20lb 2oz mirror.

Shawn Brewer decided to fish in carp alley after walking around the lake.

He baited with shoreline boilies and the fish clearly got on the munch as he ended up with six carp including a dark 22lb common and a chunk of a mirror at 26lb. Jeremy Allen fished in peg 49 and used shoreline Redbull to bank himself an awesome 21lb 9oz mirror.

Jason Ford fished down motorway bank and he clearly had a group of carp in front of him and using cc moore boilies caught three including a lovely 25lb common carp.

Ash Doughty had an awesome session after deciding to go in peg 33. He used shoreline baits to get a group of carp feeding and banked five to 22lb.