SOUTHAMPTON boxers Ryan 'The Piranha' Garner and Lewie 'The Saint' Edmondson won on Saturday to remain undefeated.

Garner beat Liam Dillon by unanimous decision to retain his WBC International Super-Featherweight Championship.

The 26 year old won 98-93, 99-92 and 98-92 after a thrilling 10-round fight inside London's York Hall area.

It was only the second time Dillon had lost in his pro career, the other defeat coming back in February.

Speaking to ESBR Boxing, Garner said: "It was a tough fight. I knew it was going to be tough, and I knew I was going to have to get the rounds, but that has done me the world of good.

"The last two opponents I blew out of there, that ten rounds has set me in good stead for the rest of the year. I'm going to be in bigger fights now, tougher fights.

"It is going to get people talking and it's going to take my profile up. People loved it. It was a York Hall classic."

Earlier in the evening, Edmondson beat Portsmouth's Joel McIntyre, in Cardiff, the scorecard reading 80-72, to extend his fighting record to 9-0.

Edmondson told ESBR Boxing: “I don't want to come on here and say much without reviewing it myself.

"I'll have to go back and watch it with the team and then we'll go from there. We are our own biggest critics because we know where we're going and we know what we can do.

"We are always going to find stuff that we want to do better and what we could have done better, but we'll watch it back with the team, we'll review it and then we'll go from there.

“I'm ready for the big fights now, that's what we want. We've been calling for them, that's what we want and we're ready to move forward now.”