BRAMSHOTT Hill golf club took part in a new game recently with a large number of players signing up to play 'Rabbit' golf.

The winner of each hole would be given the Rabbit lanyard to wear without them knowing why this was.

The person who ended up with the lanyard at the end of the game was then handed a nest of Easter eggs as a prize.

To add a bit of complexity to the game, it was also played under the Stableford format - meaning they would accumulate points based on the number of strokes taken at each hole.

Viv Boot won with 13 points closely followed by Jo Renyard and Julie Weatherdon.

On the nine-hole, short course, first place went to Marion Robinson with 15 points followed by Pat Greenham with 13 points, and Gill Munro in third with 12 points.

The players also took part in a non-qualifying Stableford competition on Thursday, March 21 with Weatherdon coming out on top ahead of Claire Chamberlain and Sue Lewis.

Liz Moore won the nine-hole short course with 17 points with Jane Lancaster coming in second with 15 points followed by Naomi Lowman on 14 points.