Painful to lose against three How can a team who went so long without losing, lose to Bristol City, Hull, and now Millwall?

It must be clear to all true Saints fans this team will only go up though the play offs.

I would like to know why the manager changes the team so much.

I know it is a long season in this league but l feel he changes it too much.

Why he brought on Sulemana against Millwall - who must go down as one of our worst buys ever - instead of young Mara, who has been coming on and doing well lately, was beyond me.

If by some chance we did go up, it is very clear unless we buy well we will come right back down.

We have wasted millions and I mean millions in the transfer market over the last few seasons which really needs looking at badly.

I hate to think what will happen at Liverpool if they put out a strong team against us on Wednesday.

Yours Saints fan for over 60 years.

B Jones