I was very sad to hear that Lawrie McMenemy will not be writing his weekly column in the Daily Echo. I always look forward to his stories and views.

As a Saints fan for many years, he brought so much pleasure in watching football at the Old Dell.

I know it wasn’t easy when he first came.

But over the years with astute signings, he built with his loyal staff a great side and has given great memories to all the supporters of Southampton FC.

I do hope the new managers of this great club can take some inspiration from Lawrie as his recipe of blending experience with youth worked very well for at that time a relatively small club.

Lawrie seemed to have the knack of getting the best out of the old timers such as Ball Boyer Osgood George McDougall, the list goes on.

All I say is good luck to you Big Lawrie you will always be loved and appreciated by the supporters of Southampton FC.

John McFarland