Nobody questions the fans' frustration and disappointment at the poor second-half display.

But I agree with Flynn Downes that it was uncalled for. He stated that it takes away the confidence the players have in themselves in future home games.

I just wonder how Alcaraz would feel after the excellent interview he had on the website.

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He stated how happy he was about extending his contract because he was impressed by everything the club had done for him to achieve his dream of playing for Argentina.

Amongst other things, he complimented the fans for the way they had supported the club. This was prior to his departure for Argentina.

You have to wonder how he must have felt being booed off.

It indirectly creates a situation where the players will perform better away from home because they are scared to make mistakes in front of the home fans.

Had we been two or three up at half time the fans' reaction would have been so different.

It was the best first-half performance I have seen this season. But for their goalkeeper, we would have been 3-0 the same as the Leeds game.

I'm sorry but it, to me, was a disgrace booing the team at the end of the game and was totally uncalled for.

Hopefully we can get six points from our away games at Hull and Preston so the players and manager will have the confidence needed to win their next home match.

Bryan Bridgwater 
Fortaleza, Brazil