JOE Pigford delivered a devastating knockout punch to extend his perfect professional CV and added: “The record speaks for itself.”

The Southampton fighter, who trains out of the SK4 gym on Ashley Road in Parkstone, delivered a monstrous right hand to floor Argentina’s David Ezequiel Romero and seal victory at Wembley Arena on Saturday.

The success took the Kevin Thorniley-trained puncher to 19 wins, 18 of those coming by way of knockout.

He also had the Romero down in the opening round.

Asked whether he felt he had more power than anyone domestically at super-welterweight, Pigford told Sky Sports: “Oh, 100 percent. The record speaks for itself. I am literally 97 per cent knockout,

“But I don’t want that to be all my game is about. I need to build on the stuff around it, which in the gym I do and I am improving every day.

“I am just looking forward to getting past fights like this – I know I should be in there beating them.”

Assessing the monstrous knockout at Wembley Arena, with his bout showed live on the Boxxer promotion, Pigford added: “It was good when I finally got him.

“I had been saying all week, I am not going to be looking for the knockout and I think you can clearly see I was.

“I wasn’t happy. I had early success, which sometimes makes you go a bit stale for the rest of it but I got the job done in the end.

“I actually relaxed, sat on my shot a bit and caught him for the first time since the first round. It came in the end. It shows when you don’t force it, it comes.”