A 9lb bull huss bagged by Adrian Moody from the Waterside was the highlight when the Lymington club staged a shallow boat competition, writes Chris Clark.

Other species to figure during the event included dogfish, pout, black bream, smoothhound and bass, Moody went on to win the event by a good margin.

A potential new British record was set during the latest round of the Southern League pegged open fished at Cogden which attracted 57 competitors many from the Southampton area.

The event produced a wide variety of species including smoothhound, dragnets, bass, plaice, grey gurnard, pout, dogfish, sole, scad, red gurnard and tub gurnard long with the potential record breaker caught by Jeff Fisk; a Pompano or sometimes called a Deribo, a species which has never been caught from our shoreline.

Generally they are associated with the warmer waters of the Mediterranean.

Ben Bradstock topped the podium with a mixed bag weighing 18lb 11.5oz. The pool for the heaviest round fish was won by Richard Dorgan with a 7lb 15oz bass while the flatfish pool was won by John Davies with a 2lb plaice.

Results: A zone, 1st Dave Ware 9lb, 2nd Jeff Fisk 7lb 15oz, 3rd Terry Hartnell 6lb 14oz, 4th Joe Wales 6lb 2.5oz. B zone, 1st Richard Dorgan 14lb 7oz, 2nd Stephen Howell 11lb 1oz, 3rd Nathan Elliot 8lb 6oz, 4th Nicky Frewin 5lb 10oz. C zone, 1st Ben Bradstock 18lb 11.5oz, 2nd Dave Lane 18lb, 3rd Ian Dancey 14lb 7.5oz, 4th Russell Preston 13lb 13.5oz.

Darren Dixon was the top performer during the Lock, Stock & Tackle midweek pegged open fished at Clarence Beach with four fish measuring 181cm, the event attracted 20 competitors.