An ‘ugly’ bin store with a gaping hole remains unfixed two weeks after a crash.

A car ploughed into the structure in Hoddinott Road, Eastleigh, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Bricks were left scattered on the ground and the building was fenced off with a hand-written 'keep out' sign due to the extent of the damage.

But two weeks since the incident on June 6, no action has been taken by Vivid Homes, who manage the property.

The bin store, two weeks since the crash The bin store, two weeks since the crash (Image: Toby Penter)

Toby Penter lives in a flat opposite the affected block but said there are repercussions for all residents.

The 28-year-old said: “Vivid, who runs the property, visited on the day of the crash and put a structure up inside the store to not make it fall over.

“They also fenced it off, but since then nothing has been done.

“The fencing put up has now obstructed the public pathway, which is not a massive inconvenience, but it is all rather ugly.

“Residents from that block are now using our visitor parking spaces, so the streets are being clogged.”

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Parking woes are not the only issue blighting the area as a result of the crash.

Toby has seen piles of rubbish mounting up outside the unusable bin store.

(Image: Toby Penter)

He said: “People have been seen just piling their rubbish up to the side of the store which has blocked a ground floor flat.

“I am concerned that if rubbish continues to be left out, we will get rats.

“I hope it will be fixed soon but with Vivid, I have my doubts.

“I am worried it might just collapse or never be fixed and left like that forever.

“The entire left-hand wall has fallen now and there is no sign it is going to be rebuilt.”

The crash – which happened at about 11am on June 6 – was reported to police.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Constabulary said no arrests were made, and no injuries were reported.

Vivid Homes confirmed the building is deemed beyond repair and is set to be demolished – on an undecided date.

Marc Boyes, property services manager, said: “Once we were aware of the damage to the bin store caused by the accident, a make safe was completed.

“A surveyor has been out to assess the damage and provide guidance on next course of action.

“Until a new bin store is constructed, the bins will remain for our customers to use and any waste that is remaining will be removed immediately.

“As we are waiting on information from our insurance company, we do not have a date when works will be started or completed, as soon as we do, we will let all our customers affected know.

“We will continue to monitor this and ensure the area is rubbish free.”