Eastleigh was awash with food stalls as a brand-new food and drink festival delighted residents.

The Feastleigh food and drink fiesta offered a range of food and drinks to cater to everyone's tastes.

Stalls filled up Leigh Road Recreation Ground this Saturday with hundreds of revellers coming to enjoy their weekend.

Vendors packed the grounds, and was a success despite some occasional showers throughout the afternoon.

Visitors were also able to enjoy musical performances such as from the choir at Cherbourg Primary School.

Mark Tierney from Eastleigh and his children Olivier [left] and Arthur (Image: NQ, Jose Ramos)

Dad-of-two Mark Tierney from Eastleigh and his children Olivier and Arthur were out enjoying the day.

Mark told the Echo: “It’s been really good, lots of different food stalls, entertainment as well. I would say it’s a good family event, with lots of things to see.

“The kids from the choir were great.

“It seems like the event was organised quite well; it could have been advertised a lot wider as I only knew about it because of the choir but it turned out that a lot more people knew about it as it is quite busy.”

Around 80 stalls were expected to be involved in the event, according to the Eastleigh Borough Council website.

The festival also took place in Eastleigh town centre, with street traders in Market Street, Wells Place, Leigh Road and The Precinct.

Dianne and Ian Hudson also from Eastleigh were out enjoying the day with their daughter Sophie, 32.

Dianne, 62, said: “It’s been really lovely, there were the kids singing in the choir and the food looks very nice and there is quite a lot of variety so I think they did a very good job with this.”

Sophie said: “I didn’t see a lot of advertising, but the food is great, they have all sorts like brisket and Indian food so yes very nice.”

Among the most popular stalls was one selling delicious barbecue.

Halfway through the day, the event organisers, Dream Empire Events, shared on their Facebook page: “Come wind, rain or shine, Hulks Smoked Beef and Hog are super popular with people queuing to get their hands on delicious smoked food. Today is no exception.

“There's a strong possibility they will be sold out before the event ends so come on down.

“We also have plenty of other incredible food traders with delicious food ready to serve you too.”