A Millbrook grandmother has had enough after an abandoned flat above her became a nesting ground for a flock of pigeons.

The unwelcome neighbours moved in six months ago via a skylight which had been left open in the top floor apartment in Rosebank, Studland Road, after those living there ditched the property.

Since then, Sarah Martyn's garden has been pummelled with bird poo, to the extent she can't play with her granddaughter outside for fear of an unwanted splat on the head or being hit with sticks they bring in to make nests.

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The 54-year-old has been pleading with housing association Stonewater to shut the window and evict the feathered squatters - but said their response had been 'shameful'.

She said: “Over the last six months, I have been forced to live with a flock of pigeons in the top floor flat – it’s an absolute nightmare.

"These pigeons have caused us hell. It’s a total health risk; my garden has been covered in droppings.

"I can’t even take my granddaughter in the garden."

An open skylight has caused pigeons to nest inside the flat (Image: NQ) Sarah, who suffers from medical conditions including Bell's palsy, said the pigeons were making her and her neighbours' lives a misery.

She said: “The stress landed me in hospital with high blood pressure as I have been so frustrated with Stonewater.

“I have tried and tried to get them to secure the flat and close the skylight – but it feels like they don’t care in the slightest.”

In response to Sarah’s complaints, Director of Housing Operations at Stonewater, David Lockerman said: “We are sorry that Ms Martyn and her neighbours are experiencing a problem with a large number of pigeons in and around the neighbouring abandoned flat.

“We are taking legal action to deal with the abandoned home above Ms Martyn, which we expect to conclude later in the summer.

“In the meantime, we will get in touch with Ms Martyn and organise for specialist pest control contractors to advise on the appropriate course of action to manage the nuisance caused by the pigeons, which can of course be a difficult issue to resolve.”