These photos look back to a popular club in the 1980s.

Chaplin's was short-lived and open only to members, offering luxury facilities aimed at the professional community.

Situated at 19 Hanover Court in Southampton, Chaplin's first welcomed visitors in August of 1982, presenting a blend of entertainment options.

Situated on the ground level, the space was divided into two distinct areas. On one side was a vibrant disco dance floor paired with a trendy cocktail bar and ample seating. The other half was designated as Charley's Lunch Bar, offering a peaceful retreat with tables and chairs ideal for a casual meal or a formal business lunch.

(Image: Echo)

Secluded alcoves created a warm atmosphere for dining, not just during the day, but also in the evening when the restaurant at the club served dishes from its diverse a la carte menu.

Before becoming the £150,000 club, the building once operated as a storage facility for the Debenhams department store.

(Image: Echo)

It was a popular spot for hosting cabarets, promotional events, fashion showcases, and comedic performances.

During the autumn of 1984, a group of comics united to construct a massive 'super toaster' for a special segment on Noel Edmonds's Late Late Breakfast show.

(Image: Echo)

Chaplin’s also became home to Southampton Jazz Society before the club changed hands in 1988.

Following the extravagant festivities held in honour of Charlie Chaplin's centenary birthday in 1989, the establishment permanently closed its doors.

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