Dubbed Southampton's front room, it's the cosy cafe bar brewing its own beer and coffee. 

Ascapart Beer & Coffee, based in a stunning former bank building at Mettricks Portswood and part of the Mettricks family, is the UK's first combined craft brewery and coffee roastery.

It's named after the 30 foot giant from the Southampton legend Sir Bevois of Hampton. 

(Image: Ascapart Beer & Coffee)

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"It's where the magic happens and it reflects our giant dedication to quality," says Jimmy Hatherley, who took on the role of Head of Beer when the brewery opened recently. "We're hoping this is something great that our city can be really proud of."

Alongside Head of Coffee, Wilson Law Wai Shing, Jimmy and team produce 1400 pints per twice-weekly 1,000 litre batch - about 50 kegs a week - as well as roasting enough coffee for 1,600 cups a day.

(Image: Mettricks)

It's enough to provide the Mettricks group, which also has sites at Guildhall Square, Woolston and in West Quay, as well as one soon to open in Lyndhurst, with a unique and personal drinks selection, with a little leftover in case any other Southampton independents fancy a slice of the action.

The small brewhouse serves up soft and crisp hoppy beers, under the expert direction of Jimmy, a brewer of 15 years who owned the city's own Unity Brewing Co. and teamed up with fellow born and bred Sotonian Spencer Bowman to bring craft beer to Spencer's highly regarded Mettricks brand.

Kimber's, Tides, Southern Lights and more are the perfect accompaniment to daytime brunch or an evening sourdough pizza at the Portswood branch of the small chain, which has a New York brew pub vibe.

(Image: Ascapart Beer & Coffee)

The venue, which includes a brewery bar counter where you can see the beer being made, a cosy 'vault' balcony seating area and a not-so-secret courtyard garden festooned with lights, is soon to introduce brewery tours and beer tastings, as well as the odd quiz night. 

Ascapart beers should be available to buy by the bottle by the end of the year.

Mettricks Portswood is open seven days a week, including Thursday to Saturday evenings. 

(Image: Ascapart Beer & Coffee)