Netflix will be removed from more than 40 TV models in July.

The popular streaming service is known for hit TV shows and movies including the likes of Baby Reindeer, Bridgerton, Black Mirror and All Quiet on the Western Front.

Netflix can be found on most smart TVs. But as of next month the app is set to be removed from 42 Sony TV models.

Netflix app to be removed from more than 40 Sony TV models - see which ones

Netflix announced that on July 24, 2024 the streaming app would no longer be supported on some 2014 Sony BRAVIATM LCD TVs due to "technical limitations".

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The Sony models that will be affected by this change announced by Netflix are: 

S9 Series

  • KD-65S9005B
  • KD-75S9005B

W5 Series

  • KDL-48W585B

W6 Series

  • KDL-40W605B
  • KDL-48W605B
  • KDL-60W605B

W7 Series

  • KDL-32W705B
  • KDL-32W706B
  • KDL-42W705B
  • KDL-42W706B
  • KDL-50W705B
  • KDL-50W706B

W70 Series

  • KDL-32W705C
  • KDL-40W705C
  • KDL-48W705C

W8 Series

  • KDL-42W805B
  • KDL-42W815B
  • KDL-42W817B
  • KDL-42W828B
  • KDL-42W829B
  • KDL-50W805B
  • KDL-50W815B
  • KDL-50W817B
  • KDL-50W828B
  • KDL-50W829B
  • KDL-55W805B
  • KDL-55W815B
  • KDL-55W817B
  • KDL-55W828B
  • KDL-55W829B

W85 Series

  • KDL-60W855B

W95 Series

  • KDL-55W955B
  • KDL-65W955B

X85 Series

  • KD-49X8505B
  • KD-55X8505B
  • KD-65X8505B
  • KD-70X8505B

X9 Series

  • KD-55X9005B   
  • KD-65X9005B
  • KD-79X9005B

X95 Series

  • KD-65X9505B
  • KD-85X9505B

Speaking to people with the above mentioned TVs, Sony added: "You can continue to use the Netflix app on your TV until July 23, 2024.

"After this date, it will be removed from the Apps menu on all affected models."

Do I need a TV licence to watch Netflix?

How to watch Netflix on TV once the app is removed

But for those that own one of the affected TVs, don't worry. You will still be able to watch Netflix on your TV after July 23.

To watch Netflix on your affected Sony TV you can:

  • Use a Chromecast or Fire TV stick (HDMI port required)
  • Access Netflix via a laptop and then connect it to your TV via a HDMI cable
  • Use a compatible Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox console

For more information you can visit the Sony or Netflix website.

This is not the first time Netflix has been removed from Sony TVs, according to The Sun.


Late last year the streaming platform revealed that a number of TVs from 2012 and 2013 would no longer be able to support the app.

The Netflix app was removed from those affected TVs in February 2024.

Netflix will no longer be supported on some 2014 Sony BRAVIATM LCD TVs from July 24, 2024.