A new broadband provider, BeeBu Telecom Limited, is set to make waves in the UK home broadband market.

Fareham-based business, BeeBu is teaming up with leading network providers, aiming to offer ultrafast full-fibre broadband to households across the nation.

BeeBu's CEO, David Kilby, addressed the issues found in the current market and emphasised their unique approach.

He said: "Over the past 18 months, we have witnessed multiple broadband companies entering the market, some catering to niche communities, specific regions, or localities.

"However, a recurring trend is that customer service and reliability are somewhat lacking, failing to meet consumer expectations.

"BeeBu approaches this differently.

"Since the inception of this project, we have aimed to stand out, providing ultrafast full-fibre broadband access to more UK homes than any other provider, all the while ensuring it is highly dependable and cost-effective."

BeeBu concentrates on offering excellent service through smooth transitions from existing providers, development of quality routers and Wi-Fi extenders, professional installations, and a available customer support team directly from their south coast headquarters in Fareham.

Partnered with industry giants including CityFibre, MS3, Freedom Fibre, FullFibre & F&W, BeeBu operates amongst the largest network partnerships in the industry.

BeeBu's broadband is currently available to 14.8 million UK homes and they predict their reach to extend to 16 million homes by August 2024.

Their operations are backed by Vantage Cloud, offering an exhaustive ISP automation platform for a good customer experience and support.

Mr Kilby also explained: "Our approach is straightforward - at BeeBu, there is no need for additional network construction, as solid infrastructure already exists in the UK.

"Our mission is to ensure customers receive what they pay for - reliable, affordable broadband, complemented by exceptional customer service.

"That's what the team at BeeBu is committed to delivering."

BeeBu was established with a vision to deliver robust, ultrafast broadband services to households UK-wide.

For more details about BeeBu's ultrafast full-fibre broadband and to check availability in your postcode area, visit www.beebu.co.uk.