Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey believes there is going to be a “seismic change” in the general election which will make a “big difference” for his party in Hampshire.

Sir Ed was in a buoyant mood as he brought his action-packed tour of the country to Romsey on Wednesday.

The Liberal Democrats did not win any of Hampshire’s 18 parliamentary constituencies in the 2019 general election.

However, they did poll second in eight seats and former minister Sir Ed said there had been a great response on the doorstep along the current campaign trail.

He said: “I don’t put a ceiling on our ambitions. We’re doing really well here in Romsey and North Southampton. Winchester is looking really good. Places like Eastleigh as well and there are other places where what we are finding on the doorstep is really encouraging.

“In many parts of Hampshire people realise it is a battle between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives.

“Labour aren’t really a big force in large parts of Hampshire and what’s different from this election to any election I have fought is the number of people who have always voted Conservative saying they are not going to do it again and that is quite a seismic change.”

Sir Ed said votes moving from Conservative to Liberal Democrat could make a “big difference” in areas such as Romsey, Eastleigh and Winchester, which are all currently held by Rishi Sunak’s party.

The Liberal Democrats have large majorities on councils in Winchester and Eastleigh, while they are also the largest party on Portsmouth City Council.

During his visit to the Romsey and Southampton North constituency with candidate Geoff Cooper on Wednesday, June 5, Sir Ed took part in music exercise class drumtastic with residents at Abbotswood Court Care Home.

The party leader was a natural as he joined in a workout of Queen’s We Will Rock You using drumsticks and a yoga exercise ball typically found in a gym.

Sir Ed, a carer himself for his teenage son, said care was central to the Liberal Democrat manifesto in the election.

“Too many people, elderly people in particular, disabled people, are not getting the care they need,” he said.

“It’s a wonderful care home here and it is a really lovely care they are getting. It is great to see but many people don’t [get that]."

Mr Cooper needs to overturn a 10,000 majority to unseat Conservative Caroline Nokes.

The other candidates expected to be standing in Romsey and North Southampton are Paul Barrett (Reform UK), Sahrae Cunio (Workers Party of Britain), Christie Lambert (Labour) and Connor Shaw (Green)).