A former Prime Minister was captured canvassing in Hampshire on a Ring doorbell in a viral video.

David Cameron left a message for the resident in the county and said he was calling “because of the election on July 4th".

The Foreign Secretary was accompanied by Paul Holmes, the former MP for Eastleigh who is vying for the new seat of Hamble Valley.

Lord Cameron is filmed pressing the doorbell while holding Conservative Party leaflets which are later posted through the door.

He said: “Hi, it’s David Cameron. I was calling because of the election on July 4,” Lord Cameron said.

“I’m here with Paul Holmes, your local MP, who’s keen to win your support on July 4 and we’ll be leaving one of these in your door. Thanks very much, have a good day.”

The video was uploaded to TikTok by the resident who captioned it: “POV David Cameron turns up at your door on a random Tuesday.”

Paul Holmes shared the video on X, with the caption: “Coming to a Holmes near you.”

In another post on X, Mr Holmes said voters were “surprised” to see the former Prime Minister.

He said: “Great to have @David_Cameron down to launch my campaign to win Hamble Valley. Lots of surprised and happy voters today and good to get activists together.

“A strong team.”