From The Dorchester to a Bermuda beach club, he's cooked all over the world.

Lainston House Executive Chef Philip Yeomans talks fire and butter in our meet the chef column.

What first inspired you to become a chef?

"Working in a bakery at night making bread and cakes at the age of 14.

What is the first dish you cooked for someone else?

"When I worked in France for the summer at the age of 16, I created a whole Fruits de Mer. We would go to the market at 4am and get all the local seafood."

Daily Echo: Philip Yeomans, Head Chef at Lainston House

Tell us a bit about your career so far…?

"I trained in London, working at The Dorchester, Soho House Group and Harvey Nichols. I then worked in North Carolina at the Fearrington Inn before moving to Bermuda to run Coral Beach Club.

When I returned home, I came to Lainston House as Head Chef working under Andy Mackenzie. After eight and a half years, I sought a new challenge to become an Executive Chef so moved to Marwell Hotel. When the Executive Chef job came up five years later at Lainston I applied, and have enjoyed being back and working with the team for five years now."

Daily Echo: Some of Phil's foodie creations at Lainston House

What is your proudest career moment to date?

"I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved at Lainston - I set up an outdoor wood-fired and BBQ school and new restaurant The Wellhouse, which is a fully functional wood-fired restaurant. Most recently we have added Tom Hamlet, MasterChef the Professionals champion, to the team."

What is your signature dish?

"Anything barbecue related and I’m there, I love outdoor cooking and working by touch with fire."

What is your favourite dish currently on your menu?

"I love the black garlic brisket skewers and the lamb. Smoked, slow-cooked lamb belly is a winner.

What is your favourite meal to cook at home?

"It has to be smoked beef short ribs, celeriac remoulade, fired peppers and smoky Mac 'n' Cheese."

Daily Echo: Inside The Avenue restaurant at Lainston House

What do you like to drink with dinner?

"If it matches and complements the food then I’m in. You can’t beat our own Wellhouse Champagne cider, which is made with apples from our orchards."

What is your culinary guilty pleasure?

"Sticky toffee pudding, I’m always tempted and can’t get enough!"

Which key ingredient is always in your fridge?

"I always cook with butter, that’s why it all tastes so great!"

Daily Echo: Some of Phil's foodie creations at Lainston House

What is your favourite local ingredient?

"I love the old Winchester Lyburn cheddar, watercress, chalk stream trout, Isle of Wight blue cheese, Isle of Wight tomatoes.

What’s your career ambition?

"To have one of the best BBQ schools in the UK, the best wood-fired restaurant in the UK and support the Avenue team to achieve outstanding accolades."

Daily Echo: Some of Phil's foodie creations at Lainston House