A drug dealer who enabled the supply of 82kg of cocaine in Southampton has been thwarted by police.

Scott Gavin Parry, 38, facilitated the supply of the Class A drug in the city between February 2019 and July 2020.

Parry used a mobile encryption service - commonly known as EncroChat - to prevent detection.

But he was arrested in July 2020 following a lengthy and complex investigation.

Officers seized £8,500 in cash and cocaine, as well as large amounts of bulking agents which were indicative of drug supply.

Parry, of Archers Road in Eastleigh, pleaded guilty to the offences and was sentenced to 13 years and eight months in prison at Southampton Crown Court on Friday.

The judge remarked that Parry's dealing had been on a commercial scale and that cocaine can cause great harm to individuals and misery for users and their families.

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Detective Constable Craig Rainsley, from Southampton’s Area Crime Team, said: “I hope this sentence highlights that our officers will do everything in their power to ensure that Southampton is not targeted by drugs networks and is a hostile place for drug dealers to operate.

“I would echo the judge's comments that while cocaine is considered a recreational drug by some, we know that its use, along with wider drug supply, causes harm and misery to our communities and is linked to acquisitive crime, as well as some of the most serious violence we see.

“We are determined to keep relentlessly pursuing criminals to reduce the negative impact they have on the local community, making it safe for everyone.”