A concrete jungle was transformed into a cultural hive of activity bursting with colour.

Westquay’s multi-storey car park welcomed artists, dancers, and creatives at the weekend.

Returning for a second year, the Multi-Stories event highlighted the vibrant culture of Southampton, with various activities taking place across levels one to three.

And with more than 30 local and national artists in attendance, the otherwise grey car park was vibrantly transformed.

Sholing-based artist Joanna Rose Tidey spent two days creating her bee mural on level one of the car park.

Daily Echo: Joanna Rose TideyJoanna Rose Tidey (Image: Newsquest)

She said: “This event has been amazing.

“I love wildlife and nature, and I thought it would be appropriate to paint a bee.

“Bees live among us and we coexist with nature.

“It has been great to paint with other artists at the Multi-Stories event – it brings everybody together.

“It is nice to see other artists and their work. We also receive feedback from the public which is great.

“I moved to Southampton from Essex 10 years ago and being involved with art has embedded me in this community.”

Travelling from further afield was couple Charlotte and Daniel Doherty.

The Brighton-based artists have painted many murals before but were excited to explore new territory.

“We have wanted to paint something on concrete forever, so this was a great opportunity”, Charlotte said.

The pair’s artwork is often inspired by their travels, but their concrete canvas provided further inspiration.

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Charlotte said: “We have designed this piece, so the concrete is coming out of the artwork. It is a contrast to the colours.

“I do not think we have painted in a car park before but we have done a lot of big murals.”

Daniel added: “The design itself goes from left to right.

“This is our first time painting here and it is a brilliant event.

“Once the artwork is complete, people using the car park will see the history on all the different levels – from the different styles to artists.

“Having it all in one space is really exciting.”

Daily Echo:

Also hailing from Brighton was artist Tom Goulden, also known as Jiroe, who was invited to attend.

He said: “This is my first time here and I think Multi-Stories is amazing.

“It is bold to use a public space like this, it is really exciting. I think it is really important to have art where you would not normally find it.

“We are filling this space with colour.”

The free event also boasted skateboarding and breakdance workshops, along with a Maker’s Market full of independent traders, and food vendors.