Visitors to Southampton's Crown and Magistrates Courts have left mixed reviews about the buildings.

The city’s halls of justice have attracted a variety of different opinions from people online.

One user, named Robert Butcher left a review five months ago which read: “Useless clowns! The place would better be served as a circus. A representation of an outdated and not fit for purpose institution.”

Another review by user Cheryl Macey said: “To get in touch with Southampton combined courts is all but impossible, you can no longer go to the court reception for advice.

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“They rarely answer their phones and I needed to get in touch with them on very important business.

“It’s disgusting for a civil place such as this, cannot make themselves more available as they are civil servant.”

Another user, David Goodhind said: “A place where feminism ruled unlike the truth, where the male gender has no right to legal aid because of false accusations and the fact in the human rights act tells the male gender you have the right to a fair trial. This never happens considering feminists allow legal aid for feminist solicitors and feminist judges to be in just to the male gender. European Court of Human Rights for this place I think.”

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However, it’s not all bad, many have left positive feedback on the online reviewing page.

A user named Bea said: “My friend had a court hearing last Thursday. There was a young member of staff named Dash. Her customer service was five stars.

“She was so approachable and professional. She guided me to where I needed. I could see she was the kind of person who showed empathy and support to anyone coming in and out. She was just so fantastic. She’s an asset to the magistrates.”

User Peter Darby said: “Just wanted to say thank you to the clerk of the court’s administrator at Southampton County Court, namely Brendon.

“His help was first class, which is more than I can say about any of the Court staff in West Sussex. It appears that the clerks of the court and administration staff in West Sussex are not fit for purpose.”