Support has poured in from Southampton residents after a nine-year-old’s mobile phone - which contains irreplaceable photos of him and his late father - was taken from outside his home.

On Friday, May 10, nine-year-old Davey accidentally left the mobile on the pavement outside his home on Knowlton Close, Bursledon.

Ten minutes later, Ring Doorbell footage shows that the phone was picked up by an unknown man as he walked past.

Davey’s mother, Vicky Hemphill, 30, has told the Echo that Davey’s phone contains the final pictures and messages between the young boy and his late father David.

David, who Davey is named after, passed away from heart failure aged 33 in December last year.

Sadly, the nine-year-old's mobile is still missing, despite Vicky’s plea for the man who recovered the phone to do the right thing and return the phone to the family.

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When asked if the mobile had been recovered, a spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary said: “There’s no further updates to provide at this time, but enquiries continue.”

Vicky confirmed that her family also had no further information but said the family would continue their appeal.

The unfortunate tale has garnered much sympathy among Southampton residents on Facebook, with one saying: “I hope someone hands it in or at least gives information on it so his son can have those precious memories back. Also my thoughts are with his family.”

Other contributors have tried appealing publicly to the man who was seen walking away with the phone.

Another person said: “Come on, you surely can find the heart to return phone. Do it overnight and put in bubble wrap and put it through letterbox of house it came from.”

Another Facebook user said: “Let’s hope he does the right and hands the phone back so that this poor family can have their memories back.

“Praying for little man, this is just so sad.”