A pensioner has been left with sleepless nights and says he feels like a "prisoner" in his own home after a litany of issues plagued his council flat.

Dennis Connell, 80, has been living in an assisted living flat on Boniface Crescent for 11 months, operated by Southampton City Council, and began to encounter issues soon after moving in.

He says his bedroom has flooded with rainwater on three occasions, that he was left without hot water for a week, his larder is filled with damp and mould, and a radiator is permanently set to high.

He said: "Three weeks after I moved here and the carpets were brand new, the bedroom flooded three times.

"After trying a number of things that didn't work they finally fitted a drain under the door.

"Some time after I noticed a terrible smell from the larder and spotted black mould and damp – now I’m worried for my health.

Daily Echo: The drain outside Dennis' bedroom fitted by Southampton city CouncilThe drain outside Dennis' bedroom fitted by Southampton city Council (Image: NQ)"The living room radiator is permanently boiling – my family won’t sit in here when its hot outside. I had to buy a cover because I was worried my grandchildren would burn themselves.

"When the council sent round an electrician he said it had been wired up wrong."

The pensioner has arthritis, COPD and angina, and has suffered three heart attacks in the past.

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Dennis continued: "I want to live out the rest of my life in a proper home, not somewhere I feel like a prisoner.

Daily Echo: The mould in the flat's larderThe mould in the flat's larder (Image: NQ)"I can’t sleep at night. It has caused me so much stress and worry. I’m dreaming about paperwork."

The 80-year-old said he had made more than 100 calls to Southampton city council in just the last six months and each time had to wait on the phone for at least 90 minutes.

A Southampton City Council spokesperson said: “We take all complaints seriously and regularly communicate with residents to ensure they are aware of the ways they can contact us to discuss any issues.

"Having spoken to Mr Connell, we have contacted the repairs managers who have been dealing with his complaints, and we are in the process of arranging a meeting with them to discuss his concerns.

"We apologise to any residents who feel that they have not received the service from the council that they would like to receive.

"We will continue to improve the services to our tenants in the future during these difficult times."