It's got to be one of the greatest moments in theatre.

Musical theatre has come a long way in the 17 years since Chitty Chitty Bang Bang first landed at Mayflower Theatre for a triumphant three month run with an all star cast in what was a considerable coup at the time. But whatever clever trickery we've become accustomed to seeing since, there's nothing quite like the moment when this much-loved magical car takes off and flies through the star-studded sky over the stage to the sounds of the memorable title song. 

Chitty has lost none of its magic in the intervening years, it's a musical that makes your heart soar. 

Daily Echo: A scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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As always, the car is the star, but she certainly has a wonderful supporting cast for this latest two week stint on the Mayflower stage which opens a brand new UK tour.

Thom Southerland, the Mayflower associate artistic director previously responsible for Titanic the Musical, has assembled some incredible talent for his latest production.

Adam Garcia makes a delightful Caractacus Potts, the eccentric inventor who adores his two children Jeremy and Jemima (played  beautifully last night by Ayrton English and Jasmine Nyenya), even if he sometimes forgets to send them to school. 

Ellie Nunn, who has a Truly Scrumptious voice, joins them on an epic adventure overseas.

Daily Echo: A scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

In Vulgaria, Charlie Brooks strikes just the right note of sinister during her cameo as The Childcatcher. For the sake of a good night's sleep for my nine and six-year-old daughters after a late night, I'm very glad she wasn't any more creepy.

Stand out moments in the show included the delightfully choreographed Me Ole Bamboo dance so reminiscent of the classic 1968 film and the clever music box sequence. 

It's clearly a show beloved of audiences and theatre royalty alike. Christopher Biggins and Bonnie Langford were spotted enjoying the show and even Barbara Broccoli who, following the death of her film producer father, co-created the original stage musical, was in the audience. 

She must have been thrilled at the reception the new version of the show received - rapturous applause and a lengthy and loud standing ovation.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang runs until Sunday May 12. Tickets from