The last time I went to Cams Hall Estate Golf Club must have been 10 years ago. My memory for dates is hazy. It was certainly way before Covid. 

I'd gone for a meeting of the Rotary Club, or the Probus Club, or maybe another club similar, which all used to meet in its function room. And while functional, it was everything that you'd expect from a golf course clubhouse. 

Fast forward to 2024, and when the invite came through for the open weekend, I was curious to see how much it has changed. 

One of the first things you now notice when pulling into its car park is the swimming pool building and its hydrotherapy pool. Bubbling away, you can just catch a glimpse of it in the new part of the wooden clad building as you walk up to the entrance. 

If the green of the course, and the rolling views down to the river don't appeal, the bubbling pool or the extended bar will.

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Daily Echo: The Club at Cams Hall Estate in Fareham

The clubhouse is certainly much bigger, with extensions either side of the former building and a terrace, with chairs to relax in and take in the views, and even a fire pit. 

After a tour of the facilities, I head to the changing rooms, which are immaculate, a tap in card is given for the lockers and there are important additions of hair dryers, straighteners, costume dryers, all the little extras that make changing rooms nice. 

Up in the gym, there are plenty of machines to work out on, all fitted with Technogym technology which lets you chose from a motivated leader, scenic views or stats on a screen in front of you, or you can tune in online to numerous apps, all while your phone wirelessly charges. 

Daily Echo: The Club at Cams Hall Estate in Fareham

There's your typical treadmills, bikes and cross trainers, but there are also steps, different types of bikes, a ski machine, plus much more. It's got a nice free weight area too - and the staff were friendly and helpful, on hand to explain any of the trickier bits of kit. 

Two studios at the back were busy, one class looked like a Body Pump session, lots of ladies with steps and light weights following an instructor, and the other had a spin session going on. 

The class timetable looked impressive too, with everything from yoga, aqua classes, Pilates, body combat, dance and Zumba, spaced through the day, seven days a week. 

Daily Echo: The new swimming pool at The Club at Cams Hall Estate in Fareham

After a quick spell in the gym, I head down to the large indoor pool, before stepping into the spa, and taking a dip in the hydrotherapy pool, basically a supersize hot tub. 

There's also an experience shower that blasts you with Arctic rain or rainforest deluge, as well as an ice bath, a sauna and a steam room, which is centred around huge Amethyst crystal. 

After listening to top tips from professional golfer and club ambassador Cara Gainer, I have just enough time for a spot of healthy lunch, a bacon and egg salad, in the restaurant. 

Daily Echo: The Club at Cams Hall Estate in Fareham

I am surrounded by people who are clearly enjoying themselves, either catching up before heading out on the golf course or decompressing after, and some are enjoying lunches or breakfasts. Some are already enjoying their first pints of the weekend. 

There are a lot of men here, but it's encouraging to see many women too, both coming in for the golf and also for the health club.

Daily Echo: The Club at Cams Hall Estate in Fareham

What's clear to see from this club is that while golf is still at its very heart, the opening up of the restaurant and the addition of the health club has made it into a much more welcoming and friendlier place to be. 

Cams Estate is a gem, with its green space and views, and this investment has given locals just one other reason to spend time there and enjoy the beauty of Fareham

Membership packages for the gym, pool and spa, which include access to the company's other 14 health clubs and discounted green fees, costs £89, with a 12 month commitment. 

A one month rolling membership is available for £107. Joining fees apply. 

Full golf membership, which includes the health club, costs £159 per month, with a £299 joining fee. Some concessions available for partners or young people. 

For more information about The Club at Cams Hall Estate, please visit