Pupils and an MP have submitted a petition against the proposed quarry at Hamble Airfield.

Eastleigh MP Paul Holmes and youngsters from Hamble Primary and Secondary school delivered the petition to 10 Downing Street.

It was signed by more than 600 pupils and teachers, adding to the growing resistance against the Cemex planning application.

Concerns outlined in the letter include noise pollution disrupting learning and hazardous road conditions resulting from lorries transporting gravel from the site.

Potential health issues stemming from dust inhalation, threats to local wildlife, and broader health and safety worries are also highlighted.

Mr Holmes has repeatedly spoken against the application since its announcement, collaborating with residents and schools in the effort.

A recent consultation saw an overwhelming opposition, with more than 5,000 responses. Each response put forward arguments for the application's dismissal.

On April 23, Holmes appealed to the leader of Hampshire County Council - Councillor Rob Humby - and the Chair of the Regulatory Committee, Cllr Peter Latham.

He asked for the hearing of the Hamble quarry planning application to be held in a venue large enough to welcome all interested residents.

Mr Holmes said: "I was so pleased to invite the Hamble Schools to Westminster to hand in this petition.

"The pupils are using their voices to speak out about a local issue which really matters to them.

"Their case to oppose is based on health and safety issues and I am proud of all the pupils for standing up and expressing their views.

"I will continue to work with them and all my constituents to ensure they are heard and listened to.

"It is vital for Hamble that this application is not granted. Health, pollution, congestion and safety concerns aside, this quarry will severely damage the community in ways which cannot be accounted for by economic assessments and health and safety audits.

"Hampshire County Council need to realise that this quarry is not just unsuitable for the area and unwanted by residents but that it will cripple the entire peninsula and it must be stopped."

Cemex says an area of 60.4 hectares – equivalent to 84 football pitches – would extract 1.7 million tons of sand and gravel, approximately 250,000 tons annually.