The first day of the South Coast & Green Tech Boat Show 2024 has kicked off.

Boat lovers have flocked to Ocean Village Marina, in Southampton, to browse the huge selection of luxury yachts.

MDL Sales and Marketing Director Tim Mayer said the show has gone from “strength to strength”.

The show provides a space for over 70 different exhibitors to display more than 120 boats.

Tim said: “If you’re into boating there’s something here for everyone”.

Daily Echo: Tim Mayer of MDL Marinas (Right) and the Lord Mayor of SouthamptonTim Mayer of MDL Marinas (Right) and the Lord Mayor of Southampton (Image: Newsquest, Jose Ramos)

He said: “You certainly get repeat customers to show but the important thing is the concentration on local business from Southampton, Hamble into Portsmouth as well.

“So, all the exhibitors here tend to be local and they come here as they tend to pick up the next years’ worth of trade.

“You’ve got historic brands who have been around for decades and the exciting thing is you also have new players coming into the market and what we’re seeing is some of the guys that came into the market three years ago are still going.

“They’ve grown they have employed more people, their business has got better and are looking at more places to be able to trade from.

“So it’s a great business and we are excited this is happening.”

Daily Echo: The first day of the South Coast Boat Show has kicked off in its fifth year running.The first day of the South Coast Boat Show has kicked off in its fifth year running. (Image: Newsquest, Jose Ramos)

The show, which runs until Sunday, will also include a special guest as the Duchess of York is due to visit the show.

The show kicked off with a speech from the Lord Mayor of Southampton, Cllr Valerie Laurent.

She told the Echo: “It’s an excellent show, I have just been to the marina and the atmosphere is buzzing. It’s lovely to see all the flags and the boats and it’s looking pristine. Everybody is very excited and rightly so.

“It puts Southampton on the map, through advertising and people will come all over the country to come see this.

“A show like this is important for the business it brings, and business brings prosperity.”