Pro-Palestine demonstrators returned to Leonardo UK’s Southampton factory this week as part of their ongoing attempts to have the facility shut down.

Campaigners say the facility “produces parts for missiles very likely being used by the IDF to commit atrocities in Gaza, Palestine and the wider region.”

The protest was organised by the ‘Shut Down Leonardo Southampton’ campaign - and they are not stopping there.

Protestors say they will gather at the factory gates every Wednesday from 4.30pm to 6pm “until Leonardo Southampton is shut down.”

According to the Campaign Against Arms Trade, Leonardo UK holds at least four export licenses to Israel for target acquisition, weapon control and countermeasure systems.

There is precedent for this kind of protest succeeding.

In late March, through regular protests, Palestine Action managed to permanently shut down an Elbit Systems factory in Tamworth, as associated security costs reduced profits by 75 per cent.