A Fareham-based engineering solutions specialist has won a six-figure order for its helicopter refuelling enablement system.

Barnbrook Systems, based on Fareham Park Road, has agreed to a deal to supply the technology for a range of aircraft developed by Leonardo.

The firm will supply 80 systems for Leonardo’s AW101, AW149 and AW159 helicopters, to be used by entities including the military and search and rescue operators.

The order represents a continuation of repeat business for Barnbrook Systems stemming from an initial deal signed at the Farnborough International Air Show in 2016.

Barnbrook's refuelling switch, which incorporates its award-winning BlueCube technology, has revolutionised mid-air refuelling.

Andrew Barnett, a director at Barnbrook Systems, said: "This is a major order for our innovative refuelling switch system and the biggest order of 2024 so far.

"Our inflight refuelling enablement system has produced significant recurring revenues for the business over the past eight years."

Daily Echo:

The switch system employs intelligent sensing technology to detect fuel movement in tanks, swiftly cutting off pumps to prevent spills.

It is particularly beneficial for refuelling quickly, during turbulence, or on ship decks amid heavy seas, aiding aircraft range, performance, and operational capabilities.

The order is a stepping stone for Barnbrook as it embarks on the next phase of its development.

The business is anticipating a 30 per cent growth in turnover in 2024 and has recently taken on two new production staff members.

They join nine other individuals hired in roles ranging from trainee to senior positions last year, taking the total workforce close to 50.

Daily Echo: Barnbrook Systems has agreed to a deal to supply the technology for a range of aircraft developed

Barnbrook's BlueCube remote monitoring technology, which forms part of the refuelling system, can be installed on various assets to monitor different variables in real-time, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, GPS location, current and movement.

The data can be managed via a range of devices for immediate response or for AI predictive management and diagnosis.

Barnbrook Systems will appear at its 14th consecutive Farnborough International Air Show in July 2024.

Previous accolades they have won include UK Rail Industry Awards, the Light Rail Industry Awards, the Solent Business Awards and the South Coast Business Awards.