Planning chiefs are studying a proposal to repair a furniture store that was badly damaged when a car crashed into the building.

Blue Sea Holdings has submitted an application relating to Willow Lifestyle, which occupies a Grade II-listed building in Lymington High Street.

A motorist escaped unhurt when their vehicle ploughed into the shop in January 2024.

The application says: "The shopfront has been damaged following the impact of a car colliding with the corner of the building.

"The extent of the damage is significant and impacts the masonry, timber and glazing to the corner of the shop.

"Any new materials will be high quality and finished to match the existing shopfront and replicate the original.

"The proposed repair work is designed to reinstate the former shopfront and will not materially alter the appearance of the building.

"The shopfront has been damaged and is undoubtedly in need of repair to conserve the structure and preserve public safety.

"It is concluded that the proposed repairs are required to secure the future of the heritage asset."