Southampton residents will have their power switched off for a night this week.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) will be carrying out maintenance work, which means residents in part of Shirley will have their power cut off.

The planned outage on Clarendon Road will last eight hours from 9pm on April 11 to 5am April 12.

In a letter sent by the power company, residents were told: “We need to turn your power off because we need to fix a broken underground electricity cable that has been causing your power cuts.

“We turn the power off to keep our engineers safe while they are doing this work.

“Once we have completed the work there will be a lower risk of power cuts and the power supply will be more reliable for you and your neighbours.

“We will work as quickly and safely as we can to get your power back on, earlier in the day if possible. You do not need to be at home during the power cut.”

The letter also included some guidance on what to do before the power outage.

It said: “Set the temperature of your fridge/freezer to the coldest setting 12 hours before.

“Do not open your fridge/freezer, unless you have to.

“Charge your phone, laptop and other electrical devices the night before.

“Turn your solar panels off before we turn the power off.”

Anyone with questions is asked to call 08000727282