Half a mile of seafront has been turned into a beach hut graveyard after recent stormy weather.

Beach huts spreading from Hordle cliff to The White House in Milford on Sea have been destroyed by recent bad weather with debris and crumbling structures left by the water.

Although the huts received earlier damage from other storms this year, seafront resident, Graham Wiffen, 63, has been shocked by the amount of damage occurring in recent days during Storm Nelson on March 28. 

He said: "I haven't been down for three or four weeks and the increase in damage just in that time has shocked me.

"The council aren't doing anything to protect this section of the beach so I'm afraid it's only going to get worse."

The beach huts have been left strewn across the beach with fears the debris will be swept away by the water or pose a risk to beach goers. 

Graham has been left saddened by the state Milford on Sea's beach in which has been left and hopes the council will clear the mess. 

He said: "Everyone loves a beach hut, it's colourful and makes the area look great so it's a shame to see it looking quite so sad. 

"I noticed that there is a sea defence that many pieces of wood in its boulders which are just beach huts smashed to pieces.

"That's left just lying around and I saw children picking them up and playing with them; you don't know what's in there, it could easily contain rusty nails so it's quite dangerous."

Graham stated the huts can sell for up to £50,000 and sit at some point 10ft away from the water. 

A spokesperson for New Forest District Council said: "Inspections have been done by our coastal team to assess the full impact and required action following storm damage to beach huts over the winter period and more recently, Storm Nelson on 28 March.

"Beach hut owners are being contacted to advise them of the current position at Hordle Cliff.

"We will have teams attending the site to clear as much debris as possible, while coordinating an operation to remove the huts that have previously had licences terminated."