A former teacher is vying for the role of MP in Eastleigh at the upcoming general election.

Ben Parry has been chosen as the Green Party candidate for the town.

Although he was born in Bristol, Parry has lived in Eastleigh for over 16 years, during which he taught at several schools and colleges – including Barton Peveril.

He is now the director of a national traffic data company based in the town and hopes to utilise his experience in this role as MP.

Speaking on the candidacy, Eastleigh Greens said: “As co-chair of Eastleigh Borough Green Party, Ben has stood as a candidate in local elections multiple times, including the ward of Fair Oak and Horton Heath as well as West End North.

“With years of campaigning experience, he is all too aware of the concerns of people and the very real cost of living crisis that is seeing many choose between heating and eating.

“Ben is aware that, until we remove the reliance on fossil fuels and address the current tax system, the socio-economic gap between different demographics will continue to widen.

“He believes the Green Party is the only party that offers genuine hope at a time when the political debate has become so divisive and inward-looking, that voters have lost all faith in their politicians to urgently address the very real societal, economic, healthcare, and environmental issues that really matter, both at the national and local level.

“Ben Parry is the natural choice for a fairer, greener, Eastleigh.”

Samuel Joynson will be standing for the Conservatives, replacing Paul Holmes who is moving to a new constituency. Liz Jarvis will be standing for the Liberal Democrats. Labour is yet to announce its candidate.