Now I'm all for the hardworking NHS workers, etc., and with the population growing, their job must be a nightmare.

However, a fellow tenant had an accident; the ambulance was called at 5.30pm.

Okay, he had hit his head, maybe not a cardiac arrest. However, he's elderly and diabetic!

We alerted our emergency personnel, who then called the ambulance. We had tried to help, but medical assistance was needed.

A carer came to sit with him, and as it was late, we went to bed. I spent a lot of the day in Fareham, came home, and asked my husband if he had seen him, as my husband had knocked a few times.

He knocked just now, and apparently, the ambulance arrived at 12.45 am! Nearly 7 hours!

And it will get worse with the growing population. Maybe I'm out of touch, but a first responder? Could they have saved an ambulance?

Maggie Rickards