Haunting, moving and incredibly intense, as you'd expect a piece of theatre which climaxes in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ to be. 

This Easter week, the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar makes a long-awaited appearance at Mayflower Theatre to tell the extraordinary series of events during the final weeks in the life of Jesus, as seen through the eyes of Judas Iscariot.

It was clearly an easy sell, attracting a packed first night audience. Reactions differed, some were moved to tears by its beauty, others walked out at the interval. 

Daily Echo: A scene from Jesus Christ Superstar

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But the lengthy standing ovation at the end of a breathless second act said it all, Jesus Christ Superstar had been completely captivating. 

I could barely take my eyes off of Luke Street who was stunning as Jesus, but the entire ensemble impresses, Hannah Richardson as Mary Magdalene has a particularly strong vocal.

There was great characterisation from Shem Omari James as Judas and Timo Tatzber - no Julian Clary until later in the week in Southampton - provided some much-needed light relief in a heavy second act, his strutting turn as King Herod full of flair and tongue in cheek originality. 

Daily Echo: A scene from Jesus Christ Superstar

There's no dialogue here, but I guess explanation is not needed when dealing with arguably the most famous tale in history. 

The incredible choreography - an impressive mix of street dance and ballet - is like nothing I've ever seen and the music just as memorable. 

Initially a controversial concept album daringly conceived by Sir Tim Rice and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber in the early 70s has been through many reincarnations in its life from touring concert to full-blown Broadway show, worldwide hit and the then longest running show in West End history.

Daily Echo:

Several big stars performed in an arena version and this latest tour is based on the Olivier Award-winning open air sell-out performed at Regent's Park back in 2016.

Grab a ticket to find out what's the buzz.

Jesus Christ Superstar runs until Saturday. Tickets from mayflower.org.uk or call 023 8071 1811.