Fresh from winning the Olivier Award for Best Comedy, 'Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of)', is set to premiere at sea on board Queen Anne’s British Isles Festival Voyage.

This unique retelling of Jane Austen's classic love story has been brought to life by celebrated theatre producer, David Pugh.

It will debut on Queen Anne's voyage on May 24, in a two-week 'lap of honour' around the British Isles, which also includes the official Naming Ceremony.

Post its sea premiere, the acclaimed show will become a mainstay of Queen Anne’s maiden season, topping a range of jaw-dropping live performances at sea.

As reported, Queen Anne is due to arrive in Southampton on April 27.

Katie McAlister, President of Cunard, said: "We always strive to surprise and delight guests with unique and enriching experiences that can only be experienced on a Cunard ship.

"We are therefore excited to be teaming up with the incredible David Pugh for the at-sea premiere of Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of), which is one of the most acclaimed West End productions of recent times. I truly believe we are redefining luxury entertainment at sea with Queen Anne."

Show Creator, Isobel McArthur, added: "Guests on board Queen Anne coming to see Pride & Prejudice* (*sort of) can expect a theatre show that is deeply affectionate towards the iconic Jane Austen original, with a few new elements thrown in to persuade even the biggest sceptic of ‘period drama’ to start swooning at Mr. Darcy.

"Our version of the original rom-com is Pride & Prejudice, but told by the servants – with karaoke! It is a big-hearted, dynamic ensemble piece where those who normally just serve the tea are suddenly playing every part.

"The cast and creative team have proven themselves so skilled and hard-working in rehearsals – they can’t wait to present this special iteration of the play for its very first at-sea audience."

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