On reading some of the comments made about the bin men, what people seem to think is totally wrong. You need to remember that your bin men are out in weather conditions starting at 6.30 am, finishing at 3.36 pm.

Yes, they are doing the job and finishing, but only by breaking health and safety rules by taking two bins at a time and most of your extra rubbish, which once again they were not meant to take.

So sorry, you all need to be a bit more grateful for what they do.

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So now they work longer hours, almost triple the walking distance, to follow the health and safety policies which Southampton council set themselves.

These have been the same rules for years: one bin at a time, two wheels to hands, four wheels for hands. No, your bins would not be emptied like before, as it is impossible to complete any round in the city.

Anyone who completed a round is not following rules but management.

No new assessments of the round have been carried out to resolve the issues we have now.

Only one group can be blamed for all of this: your own council, not your bin men, as they are still doing their job and just following rules.

Jeanette Murphy