Are we allowing this generation of younger children, and indeed over the last five to 10 years, to become wimps?

For example, if a teacher has or had cause to reprimand behaviour or a child's way of dressing when going to school — some children appear to be auditioning for St. Trinian's.

Back in my day, when I think about how pupils were disciplined with blackboard rubbers, metalwork tools thrown, teachers pulling hair, and slapping around the head, etc., practices today would see the teacher in the dock.

I'm not saying they were right, but to my recollection, no one went to counselling or therapy, which seems to be the modern-day trend. It has even brought down government secretaries of state because they raised their voice in displeasure, etc.

So, are we turning into a great nation of wimps, even to the extent of closing down good, honest debates, citing racism, sexism, and now religion being thrown into the mix being used to stifle debate?

Of course, there's no excuse for racism, sexist, homophobic behaviour, etc., but is it being overused in the modern world? Regarding the dustbin men's row, I understood the bin men carried out their work ahead of time, thus finishing early.

They never, it appears, skipped a street or area where the bins were collected and emptied. This dispute appears to be change for change's sake, like the roads debacle going on in the city.

Peter Fallon