I AM not at all surprised that, possibly, the scheme to build out the Fawley site to create a new village is having problems. Can we all get real?

The UK, as with most of the world, is in some form of recession.

Waterside may well be within the nonsense of a Freeport. But to you and I that is meaningless. Construction costs have rocketed.

Therefore the finished product will not be cheap. Should any scheme be based upon borrowed monies then presumably, it can not proceed?

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In the meantime, what has happened to that, upgrade of the railway line?

The other issue that really annoys me is parking charges.

Having myself been in business, what none of us traders want is anything to put off people coming into our premises.

All car parks should be free, say up to three hours. Then I agree, apply restrictions but not too excessive.

We are losing shops, leisure, and pubs due to overheads. And yet, we are forced into paying more taxes.

We indirectly own local authorities and indeed the Government.

Come on readers, you have a General Election looming.

Do not be a non-voter. Get angry. Indeed, sound off here.

Richard Grant