Anything that brings a dragon, an astronaut and a pirate to life on stage has to be worth a watch.

And this delightful retelling of the Julia Donaldson favourite Charlie Cook's Favourite Book was an absolute triumph, loved by every member of the young audience and their grown ups alike. 

I had wondered how on earth this particular story could be retold on stage, jumping as it does from a castle to space, from a swamp to prison and from a library to the woods. 

Daily Echo: A scene from Charlie Cook's Favourite Book

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But I needn't have worried, everything from aliens to a knight were beautifully recreated. 

The crocodile was particularly clever, using a concertina action to reveal the encyclopaedia that he had gobbled up. 

It's a real journey of the imagination for youngsters. The first night audience was made up of mainly pre-schoolers, it being a bit of a rush from the school gates to Guildhall Square for the MAST show. But actually, my six-year-old daughter and even her nine-year-old sister really got a lot out of it. Our three-month-old neighbour, who was mesmerised by the entire show and its lovely lighting, proved that this really is a show for all the family. 

The weekend following World Book Day was the perfect timing for a show which promotes a love of reading.

Daily Echo: A scene from Charlie Cook's Favourite Book

We find ourselves in the lounge of the Cook family. Charlie loves reading and is always engrossed in a book, but his sister hates it, she finds it boring. Can Charlie, and his game for a laugh mum convince her that reading is fun? By the time they've waded through tales of Goldilocks and the three bears and ghostly goings on, the answer is undoubtedly yes. 

The three actors somehow impressively juggle each and every scene from a rather eclectic book. We delve into a range of stories with Charlie and his family, brought to life with a series of catchy and enchanting songs and some excellent puppetry.

Charlie Cook's Favourite Book continues at MAST Mayflower Studios today and tomorrow (March 9 and 10). 

Tickets from or call 023 8071 1811.