On television the discussion was that Ryanair may have to increase the cost of flights.

Somebody mentioned it will hit those already suffering with the cost of living.

If you are genuinely suffering with the cost of living, how on earth do you have enough to go off on holidays?

Before those of you who will have a dig at my comment. No, I have never been on holiday. I have always been genuinely short on money, having been a full time, unpaid carer most of my adult life.

Car insurance has gone up, and yet I have never made a claim. Electricity going up, whilst I use very little. Council Tax increases. But being an OAP, I am not allowed to claim, mental breakdown!

Also, we human beings are for some known reason brainwashed through religion.

None of that makes any sense.

Politics is influenced by religion.

Whilst those of us who can not see any sense in any of that are shot down!

Why oh why, have we humans not grown up?

Richard Grant