A scene where the two main characters indulge in a burping and farting competition isn't really what you'd expect to be a stand out moment in a musical.

But the flatulent five minutes from our loveable leads Shrek and Princess Fiona goes down a storm with the audience, notably my young companions, aged nine and six. 

It comes as the pair are getting to know each other, competing for the worst back story in I Think I Got You Beat, a lovely duet and one of the best songs of the night. 

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The other major highlight is the upbeat finale which has everyone on their feet singing their hearts out to I'm A Believer. 

But it does make you realise that the theatre version is missing so many of the soundtrack songs the Shrek franchise has become synonymous with. I'm thinking All Star, Livin' La Vida Loca and I'm On My Way. The musical score falls a little flat in comparison to those classics. 

That aside, this is as much of a delight as the 2001 Dream Works animation, and the many sequels that followed. 

Daily Echo: A scene from Shrek the Musical UK and Ireland Tour 2023-4

It is, at its heart a love story with laughs that proves that there's hope for us all.

Antony Lawrence made the perfect oversized ogre and enjoyed great chemistry with his leading lady Strictly Come Dancing's Joanne Clifton, who makes a playful Princess Fiona and, probably more importantly, his new best pal Donkey. Brandon Lee Sears is a scream in this role. 

James Gillan was also superb as the vain Lord Farquaad and they could certainly all sing. Doubling as the fire-breathing dragon and the Wicked Witch, Cherece Richards had a particularly impressive vocal range. 

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I loved the clever set with the moving backdrop that allowed us to move from Shrek's stinky swamp, up to Princess Fiona's turret, on a bridge over a lava filled lake and into a cathedral filled with stained glass windows and altars in an instant. It gave the show a 21st century children's story book feel to it.

Shrek the Musical runs until Sunday. Tickets from 023 8071 1811 or mayflower.org.uk