A few days ago I came into Southampton from the east heading for Palmerston Road only to find that it was closed at the New Road traffic lights (opposite now closed East Park Terrace).

A lengthy detour eventually got me to the far end of Palmerston Road. Yet another, at the time, unscheduled road closed which I later discovered will remain so until an unspecified date in the Spring; but will it ever reopen?

It seems that the city is fast becoming a ‘no go’ place if you come by car.

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I am surprised that the retail sector isn’t creating about these restrictions, or perhaps it is, behind the scenes.

There have recently, to my knowledge, been two letters in this paper questioning the need for the upcoming Ring Road changes.

I have mentioned before, Portswood Road, East Park Terrace, Portland Terrace & the Glen Eyre Road chicanery (not even friendly for cyclists).

The question to be asked is: did the people of Southampton who voted in this administration knowingly vote for any of these unnecessary & inconvenient changes, or is it the obsession of someone in the council to squander tax payers money and still leaving pot holes unattended?


Stephen Prince