It is a disgrace that the city councillors have chosen to decimate the city centre at the expense of the wonderful parks.

The existing roads work very well but they have chosen to build a four-lane roundabout cutting off the Civic Centre, two beautiful parks and a University from the remainder of the city.

So many crossings will be needed to gain access to these that no possible benefit can be seen of the new road system. Just how many traffic lights and crossings will there be?

Three, maybe four, of our parks could easily be merged into one making them completely traffic free with the minimum of alteration to the road network and at far less cost.

New Road and Above Bar by the Cenotaph could easily be closed enabling Watts Park, East Park and Palmerston Park to be merged.

The traffic that currently uses these roads could be diverted along Cumberland Place and Brunswick Place with relative ease.

It may even be possible to close part of Commercial Road giving traffic free access to the Art Gallery.

As things stand, the parks will be split by New Road becoming a four-lane highway.

With only one bus company and the creation of the new bus station, it may also be possible to close Pound Tree Road so that Houndwell Park could be made part of the enlarged park.

This would create a large traffic-free park and with a walk of nearly three quarters of a mile from Houndwell to East Park.

I find the idea of a four lane roundabout in the heart if our city abhorrent, especially when it is at the expense of the parks. The councillors should be ashamed of themselves.

Idris Curtis