Once again our beloved council have missed a trick.

Although I'm not old enough to remember but apparently Southampton played a major part in the D-Day landings and the evacuations.

But once again a complete failure of our council to pause their relentless attack on vehicles, be it the total closure of the Itchen bridge (they usually love a traffic management scheme), or the growing number of traffic calming measures being implemented at great cost in areas where there has never been a problem in the past, but there is now, to praise our city for once.

They've - it begrudges me to say this - allowed the forward thinking Portsmouth council to introduce these various pop up D-Day presentations at local libraries etc, highlighting the undoubted part they played in the proceedings.

Our councillors must go into these meetings thinking what negative measures can we impose on the people of Southampton next, and then claim poverty when they've overspent, and I'm including their salaries and pensions in that.

Finally I read something a while back that in the store rooms under the civic centre and the art gallery, that there are paintings and other objects of so-called art, worth millions of pounds, which never see the light of day!

Here's an idea, sell a few of them on and use the money to improve the social care facilities in this city and surrounding areas, and maybe keep a few of those other council facilities, destined for closure but still greatly needed, open.

Common sense is sadly a thing of the past.

Kevin James
Weston, Southampton