Did you recognise Southampton in Monday night’s episode of Silent Witness?

Titled ‘Death By a Thousand Hits – Part 1’ Monday night’s episode of the BBC drama saw a Burmese man found dead on a deserted beach, leaving a team of forensic pathologists and scientists – played by Emilia Fox and David Caves – to uncover the truth about the man’s death.

You may not have been aware but cast and crew of the hit drama filmed many of their exterior scenes for the episode in Southampton.

The fictitious Fincham Beach where the victim was discovered early in the episode was overlooking Southampton water, located next to Weston Sailing Club in Netley.

Daily Echo: Did you see Southampton in this week’s Silent Witness episode?

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As the TV show progresses, parts of Weston Shore – with Southampton docks in the background – were also broadcast across homes all over the country, with the On The Water Café – a real café just a short walk from Woolston – making a prominent appearance.

The top of Weston Towers also acted as an unlikely backdrop for the episode of Silent Witness, which has been running on the BBC since 1996.