It seems that our city spokespeople continue to make comments they may not be able to substantiate.

In Saturday’s Echo an unnamed spokesperson claimed the Itchen Bridge was not a strategic route into the city. They added it was primarily for the south-eastern communities of Southampton.

“The Itchen Bridge is not one of the strategic routes into the city, and is primarily for local journeys, connecting Southampton’s south-eastern communities with the city centre.

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I wonder if they have surveyed traffic coming from the east and leaving the M27 at junction 8, Bursledon.

They may find if they did that a significant number of motorists travel via Hamble Lane/ Botley Road to join Portsmouth Road then over the aforesaid bridge.

The queues at peak times would seem to confirm this!

We know that the council seem determined to remove traffic from the city centre.

Perhaps then we will continue to have more failed projects like the moribund Bargate centre and the proposed new one, as well as Town Quay etc. Ah well, there’s always the bike.

Ed Fisher