The Daily Echo story headlined "Ram raiders target city supermarket" (Jan 6) is another major reason why Southampton City Council should reverse its insane policy of switching off street lights between 1am and 5.30am.

Pointing out that the ram raiders were able to operate under the cloak of darkness, the store's owner said that the CCTV did not clearly show any of the suspects as it was pitch black and street lights – there is one opposite the supermarket – were switched off between 1am and 5.30am.

Your readers might be staggered to read the response that I have since received from the city council which reads: “It is not the council's responsibility to provide appropriate conditions for business’s security arrangements to be operable.”

So the council can impose this street light blackout but washes its hands when it comes to its responsibility to citizens impacted.

Surely the local authority has created an environment which is an open door for the criminal fraternity to “go about its business “ under the cloak of darkness.

I also understand that hospital workers have to travel in darkness when working early shifts and they are thinking twice about walking or riding to work.

The council's street light policy is clearly a threat to personal safety and property.

Surely it is time for a major rethink.

If the council wants to save money it should prune the mega salaries, including one bigger than the prime minister's.

Duncan Eaton